Sports and active lifestyle has been part of my life since young. Been in various sports to understand the mechanics and from there it is how I decided to be a trainer/coach. Founded CrossFit and never looked back. My goal will always to be a trainer/coach first before placing myself as an athlete. Most of […]

No one is ever too old or too weak to start working out, says Ng U-Jin, Head Coach of CrossFit ReD Dot. Making CrossFit his lifestyle, Ng strongly believes this is the true measure of fitness and also a good lifestyle to advocate. His first experience with CrossFit was a humbling one, challenging him to […]

Has been into fitness for a while during school and subsequently when i joined the workforce; I always see the benefits which enable me to live a better life. Was introduced to CrossFit by similar-minded friends and have not looked back since. Love the ‘pain’ but also the community within the box which has become […]



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