Training Experience

Has been into fitness for a while during school and subsequently when i joined the workforce; I always see the benefits which enable me to live a better life. Was introduced to CrossFit by similar-minded friends and have not looked back since. Love the ‘pain’ but also the community within the box which has become my other family. As someone interested in knowing the science behind the workouts, it was a natural progression for me to move on to attending L1 training and subsequently imparting that knowledge, plus my previous experiences through coaching and hopefully, make a difference to those who crosses path with me.

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Training Skills
  • Weightlifting 100 %
  • Strength 100 %
  • Gymnastics 100 %
  • Mobility 100 %
  • Endurance 100 %

Meet Other Trainers

Working from home meant we could vary snack and coffee breaks, change our desks or view, goof off, drink on the job, even spend the day in pajamas

No one is ever too old or too weak to start working out, says Ng U-Jin, Head Coach of CrossFit ReD Dot. Making CrossFit his lifestyle, Ng strongly believes this is the true measure of fitness and also a good lifestyle to advocate. His first experience with CrossFit was a humbling one, challenging him to new levels never felt before. This motivated him to pursue it further and he eventually became hooked on the sport where the fittest on Earth are found. Ng’s strong desire to train and guide athletes then led him to become a full-time CrossFit coach. Currently certified at CrossFit Level 2, Ng is also certified in CrossFit Defence, CrossFit Striking, CrossFit Powerlifting and CrossFit Gymnastics, which he completed in Australia and the United States. Taking a leap of faith, Ng boldly stepped out on his own at the end of 2013 to satisfy his entrepreneurial aspiration and establish his own CrossFit outfit. He also conducts personal training, boot camps and corporate classes. With a background in basketball and running marathons, Ng competed at national levels of Sanda and Muay Thai, even winning the male novice division in Muay Thai in 2013. At one point, Ng ran six marathons and an ultra-marathon in his lifetime as well.
Sports and active lifestyle has been part of my life since young. Been in various sports to understand the mechanics and from there it is how I decided to be a trainer/coach. Founded CrossFit and never looked back. My goal will always to be a trainer/coach first before placing myself as an athlete. Most of the time I am fun and easy-going but at times I'll be more particular to ensure the goals and safety are reached for other athletes.