CrossFit Red Dot trains people for everyday life, preparing them for the unknown and the unknowable, hence allowing them to be mentally and physically competent for any challenges in life.

CrossFit starts with a belief in fitness and here at CrossFit Red Dot, we strongly reinforce that fitness is the key to a quality life.

Our programmes consist of constantly varied functional movements performed at relatively high intensity and are optimised to enhance your physical, mental and psychological competencies to achieve broad, general and inclusive fitness. Of course, safety and fun are the underlying principles of all that we do here.

Designed with universal scalability (scaled for individual ability and fitness level), CrossFit is for anyone – from law enforcers to military personnel, students, competitive athletes, white-collared workers, firefighters, seniors, retirees, and all fitness enthusiasts.

Most importantly, you are never alone. Community is a massive emphasis in CrossFit Red Dot, and no one is overlooked. When you feel like giving up, we are always there to back you up.



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