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The complete fitness programme synonymous with strength and conditioning. 60-minute workouts combine a variety of functional movements - from cardio and gymnastics to weight training and everything in between. Expect the unexpected as each new day brings a different workout.

RD (Metcon)

Fast-paced, fun and the ultimate fat-burner. 30-minutes sans barbell workouts that combine simple bodyweigh, gymnastics, and light lifting movements, guaranteed to keep your heart pumping and your mouth cussing throughout. Short, not so sweet, but super sweaty!

RD (Power)

Strength training and lifting for 60 minutes. This programme is designed to build up your base strength, refine your technique for efficient lifting and increase your overall strength endurance. Whether you are new to weightlifting or looking to hit another PR, you are sure to leave this class feeling swole AF.

RD (Grit)

Showcase your mental and physical endurance with RD (Grit). This 60-minute class is programmed to ignite your heart rate with movements focusing on speed, with the overall goal of improving your stamina. Take the challenge and put your grit and determination to the ultimate test.

RD (Flight)

Ever wonder how gymnasts look and move the way they do? Wonder no more, as this 60-minute class will break down the movements and techniques of gymnatics to the tiniest of detaul, so you too can walk the talk.

RD (Flow)

Yoga designed with the athlete in mind. You've put in the hard work and this is the time to recover and release all that tension in the muscles. This 60-minute session focuses on mobility, flexibility and restorative stretching, so that you can move better and feel lighter.



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